Table of contents

  1. About this "scratchpad"
  2. Outlines for blam application development
  3. Feature wishlist for the blam application
  4. Ideas for data formats and protocols
  5. Ideas for a blam "portal"

About this "scratchpad"

This page is meant to give an insight on the ideas that currently exist regarding the blacklist manager. It's not well structured and should be taken more as some kind of scratchpad that is used to gather the main ideas. This list is work in progress and will most likely change every now and then.

Outlines for blam application development

Feature wishlist for the blam application

Ideas for data formats and protocols

We might need the following things:

  1. A way to ask a trusted blacklist source for their list of trusted blacklists. This could be done with a little XML-RPC api, or maybe implemented with something like FOAF or our own RDF-format
  2. A XML/RDF format that allows to save and exchange blacklist information, such as listed item (keyword, url, e-mail address, IP address, and so on), a timestamp that indicates when the pattern was added, a comment for the item, and so on.

Ideas for a blam "portal"

Portal might sound too sophisticated. The idea is simple: even when having the tools to build up a "web of trust", this process will need some kind of catalyst. A central place that could be used as point to start from with implementing the usage of a blacklist for your own blog.

Central blacklist
It might be a good idea to host a central blacklist, as currently
is done by Jay Allen for his MT-blacklist plugin. This could be used as a base to start from, or help people who don't find the necessary time to manage their own customized blacklist.

Blacklist directory
Some kind of "yellow pages" that enables to find other blacklists you might consider trustworthy.

Pingback service
The blam application optionally could ping the central site to inform about recent changes. This feature could be used to monitor the actions that are taken within the web of trust, thus providing some kind of early warning system for upcoming new spam waves.

Spam Clearinghouse
This isn't necessary at the moment as Jay Allen does a great job in this section. But I'd like to keep this idea in mind nevertheless, who knows if it might be useful at a later time.

News blog
Of course a blog would be useful, for several reasons:

  1. to inform about the development that occurs inside the blam project
  2. to inform about spam-fight related news in the bloggosphere
  3. to issue warnings and other messages that might be helpful for the users of blam
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